Welcome to L'Arche Montreal

L’Arche communities are extremely welcoming in nature – they are a place of community life, of acceptance, and where everyone involved learns and grows together not only as a whole but individually as well. It is no surprise then, that once one has joined a l’Arche community, they take much more away from the experience than they ever thought they would. No matter the involvement, the experiences lived at l’Arche Montreal are ones that touch the very core of a person’s being, and which in the end inevitably also affect the very basis of everyday life outside the community.

Being part of l’Arche Montreal is a unique experience – no matter the form of involvement. Whether one is a core member, a volunteer or an assistant is not important – everyone is as important and precious to the community as the other – and the concept of equality and seeing people for who they are is principal. Embracing someone’s intellectual and/or physical (dis)abilities and seeing passed and beyond  it is key to accepting and respecting others. The distinctive community, life style and circumstances involved within l’Arche communities can make one realize the necessities of life and that excess is not a requirement. It makes one re-evaluate their previous perspective on relationships with their surrounding peers, friends, family members and loved ones. It helps one understand that it is these bonds that truly enrich life.

The sense of family, belonging, and acceptance at l’Arche Montreal is blatant – it is a support system of friendships created that stay close to your heart. Knowing that one lives many significant moments in this community is inspiring. The emotions shared in these instances – happiness, pride, appreciation – are indescribable. They are strong, powerful feelings that can almost seem intimidating, but that teach one to challenge themselves. It teaches you patience and tenderness through frustrating moments that, in the end, bring the community even closer. These precious times lived at l’Arche are what creates strong lifelong bonds that remain.

L’Arche brings about many important aspects of life to light. It is a community that teaches you acceptance without actually teaching it, but rather through living it. It is a home away from home, a family away from family, and an all-around wonderful, supportive, positive and energetic community. L’Arche is truly a place that forever stays in your heart – wherever your heart’s desire may take you.


L'Arche Montreal
6105 rue Jogues,
Montreal (Québec)
H4E 2W2
Telephone : 514 761-7307
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